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Meet Our Board of Trustees

Good Shepherd Episcopal School is a parish day school sponsored by The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd and under the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.  The school is incorporated under the Texas Non-Profit Incorporation Act and has as its sole member The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.  Under the school’s articles of incorporation and bylaws, the parish Rector serves as Chair of the school’s Board of Trustees.  Also sitting on the Board is a member of the parish Vestry appointed by the Rector.  All other trustees are elected to the board by the parish Vestry after nomination by the Governance Committee of the Board of Trustees.  At all times at least sixty percent (60%) of the elected trustees must be communicants in good standing of the parish. Trustees are elected to a three year term and meet every month beginning in September and continuing through May of each school year. The Board has the ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the mission and the well-being of the school and for assuring the school’s future.  The Board works in partnership with the Head of School and with the parish Vestry.

Meet the President

Kirk Goehring

Term:  2022 – 2025

The Board

Rusty Stein – Vice President

Term:  2019 – 2023

Erin Stephens – Vestry Rep.

Term: January 2021 – January 2023

Jessica Sherrets

Term: 2022 – 2025

Austin Swift

Term: January 2022 – January 2025

Alexis Gleitman

Former GSES Kindergarten Teacher

Term: 2021 – 2024

Margaret Long – Treasurer

Term:  2021 – 2024

Channing Smith – Rector

Board of Trustee Chair

June Chandler

Term: 2021 – 2024

Chris Hill

Term: 2022 – 2025

Jennah Granger

Term: 2022 – 2025

Caroline Smith

Term: 2022 – 2025

Whitney Knight – Secretary

Term: 2021 – 2024

Joe Price

Term: 2020 – 2023

Dora Lee Little

Term: 2020 – 2023

Lloyd Wilson

Term: 2022 – 2025

Megan Coover

Term: 2020 – 2023