Our Bridging Kindergarten program allows pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students (five- and six-year-old children) time to determine the best class placement for the following school year and beyond. The program is intentionally designed to prepare children for their next grade level, which could be kindergarten or first grade. Within a play-based, engaging and nurturing environment, this program offers children another year to develop and practice essential skills necessary for lifelong learning success. Bridging Kindergarten students at GSES enjoy leadership roles such as chapel acolytes and actors, a spring play, and an entire week of learning outside in the woods. Specialized learning time is provided to each student and teachers closely monitor each child’s abilities, progress and potential. The program maintains a 1-to-7 student to teacher ratio with three teachers to twenty-one students. Learning occurs in both small and large groups that include daily, formal, standards-based instruction in reading, writing, math and handwriting.

5 Days

Per Week

The school day runs from 9:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.


Student-Teacher Ratio

Each class has two teachers and eight children

Time to lead, learn, grow, and play


Allowing children time to develop interests and to love school!

The Bridging Kindergarten Teaching Team

Pictured from L to R: Charlotte Trafton, Lead Teacher; Sheryl Johnson, Assistant Teacher; Jennifer Timmermans, Assistant Teacher


Years of Combined Experience

Program Highlight

Into the Woods is a classic of the Bridging Kindergarten traditions. Students spend a full week at Reed Park engaging in hands on and creative lessons and activities. Students rotate through outdoor learning activities and have free time in the forest each day. Parent volunteers are valued and lead a small group each day. The outdoor classroom becomes alive igniting curiosity and discovery!