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Philosophy of Learning

Throughout its more than 75-year history Good Shepherd has sought to provide for young children a developmentally appropriate education in a Christian environment. The school’s underlying philosophy reflects the idea that children learn best through play and that a school should provide a safe, happy, enriching place for discovery where children can learn and grow. The school program is designed for children of ages two through kindergarten.  Within this span of time the children can see their own progress and mark the milestones of their growth. The goal of the school is to have the children enter Good Shepherd, progress through its program, and graduate, ready for a bigger world.

At Good Shepherd Episcopal School,

we believe that play is the work of childhood.

We structure our day, our classrooms, and our outdoor playgrounds to provide spaces for free exploration and discovery. In these places, children work on learning self-regulation and social skills, understanding properties of various materials, developing questions to test, and discovering how to create something new. Our teachers guide children’s exploration by providing materials and settings that inspire curiosity and a love of learning.