The History of Our Garden

In the 2014-15 school year GSES operated at “The Hill”, which is now Hillside ECC, another mission of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. During our year at “The Hill”, a group of GSES parents developed a beautiful garden and a comprehensive curriculum for the students to enjoy.

It’s not surprising that in the spring of 2021, another group of passionate and dedicated GSES parents worked to create a similar garden program for our Windsor campus. Our garden is a place of joyful discovery where students get to taste, touch, smell and learn about various plants, and their connection to the foods we eat. All parents can sign up as a Garden Fairy for their child’s class to help develop and lead several garden experiences throughout the school year.

We are grateful to Simple Promise Farms for their generous donation of plants throughout the year.


A Shared Comunity Project