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Meet Our Team

Jeanie Stark

Interim Head of School

Catherine Granger

Assistant Head of School

Carrie Paschal

Business and Operations

Hayley Withers

Communications & Office Manager

Margaret Pass

Twos Lead Teacher

“GSES is Such a happy place. Everyone is so positive and loving and focused on what is best for children! The families are so supportive of their children and the school. I am so glad to be a part of this community.”

Lynne Kelp

Twos Assistant Teacher

“I am so happy to be a part of the GSES team as we all love what we do!”

Kathleen McKenna

Twos Lead Teacher

“I love being a part of the GSES family and think that it is truly the best community of families and staff in Austin!”

Sandra Yancer

Twos Assistant Teacher

“GSES holds a special place in my life having been here as a parent and now a teacher. We all make a great team and I look forward to coming to work everyday!”

Mary Morgan

Threes Lead Teacher & GSES Consultant/Mentor

“I am now teaching a second generation of GSES children! The opportunity to teach the children whose parents I taught is a true gift I hold close to my heart.”

Jennifer Mohn

2-Day Threes Lead Teacher/3-Day Threes Assistant Teacher

“GSES is such a special place - it's an extended family, not just a school. I love the children - it is truly a privilege to be able to see the world through their eyes.”

Becka Swift

3-Day Threes Lead Teacher/2-Day Threes Assistant Teacher

“It is amazing to experience the pure joy of learning during this special year in the Threes classroom.”

Catherine Weiss

Threes Lead Teacher

“The early childhood classroom is a place of pure joy and love! I can’t wait to begin my new chapter at Good Shepherd.”

Angela Bearden

Threes Assistant Teacher

Anthe Gimenez

Threes Lead Teacher

"I love the closeness of the staff and teachers-we love what we do and we love to be together.”

Henriette Mansour

Threes Assistant Teacher

"It’s an amazing experience to see how quickly the kids grow and learn here at GSES. I love the connection between the church nursery and school, and I have the opportunity to see church families and preschool families come together on Sundays."

Jill Brumley

Fours Lead Teacher

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

Katy Shoopman

Fours Assistant Teacher

"I love the GSES community because everyone including staff, teachers, parents and the students are so connected. Each person here is special to me."

Elizabeth Fehr

Fours Lead Teacher

“I work with the best teachers and administrators at GSES! Our community is extremely supportive and wonderful.”

Rachel Duree

Fours Lead Teacher/Director of Special Programs

"The Good Shepherd community is one in a million. The students, families, and staff make it the most incredible place to teach and for children to grow and learn."

Jo Dominguez

Fours Assistant Teacher

I love working at GSES! Everyone is so welcoming and nice. Our parents are very considerate and lovely children.”

Mitze Hovre

Fours Assistant Teacher

"There are many things that I love about GSES, but my very favorite is having the privilege to teach the children about God and His son, Jesus Christ, and their love for all of us."

Katherine Allen

Fours Assistant Teacher

“My roots to Good Shepherd run deep. My daughter attended the school and we continue to be involved in the Parish community. The love here is palpable and it nourishes my soul to the bone.”

Charlotte Trafton

Bridging Kindergarten Lead Teacher / School Chaplain

"I love that Good Shepherd treasures the whole child - each one's spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Every adult in the school loves what's unique about each child's playful, curious spirit, supports each child's ups and downs, and actively promotes each one's interests. It's a joy to come to work in this place each and every day."

Jennifer Timmermans

Bridging Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

"I love the people I work with, especially being able to work with children and their families for so many years. Our programs are play based, and each year is unique and special for the children."

Sheryl Johnson

Bridging Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Coming soon!

Sherine Mansour

Assistant Floating Teacher

"I help all ages at GSES from the two’s classes to Kindergarten. I love how I get to experience all the age groups as that gives me the opportunity to get to know all the children around the school."

Tish Miller

Assistant Floating Teacher

Hannah Boone

After School Enrichment Program Lead Teacher

Blake Eiland

After School Enrichment Program Assistant Teacher

"I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when we are on the playground, especially when I get to swing with them! I also love listening to their sweet little voices in carpool while waiting for their families."

Becca Westerkom

Music and Movement Teacher

"I love creating a welcoming, loving, and fun environment where kids can laugh while learning basic musical elements, and important life skills. Music and movement helps children with social and emotional skills, develops confidence and strengthens fine and gross motor skills. I get to introduce basic elements of music to these little creative and magical humans which lays the groundwork for their future musical endeavors."

Sue Young

Librarian and Spanish Teacher

"GSES provides a supportive, caring and fun environment for me to pursue my passion - sharing stories with children. I love seeing kids' faces light up with delight, curiosity, or discovery. The support of the GSES community enables me to keep updating our shelves with the newest and best children's books.

Trevon Heartwell (Mr. Trey)

Facilities Manager

"I love working with all the teachers and staff. The children's singing and laughter bring me happiness even on a challenging day. I smile walking into school each day, and I hope to be as positive and inspirational to others as they have been to me."