The Fours program at GSES provides students with multiple opportunities to learn through joyful discovery, hands-on projects, and strengthening peer relationships. Children at this age are developing deeper friendships and relationships with their peers. The need for children to develop healthy social and emotional skills continues to be important as children prepare for success at the elementary level. Adult support, mediation, and guidance are essential for children to learn compassion, empathy and self-control. Inside the classroom, the students are given leadership opportunities through weekly job assignments. Our focus is on learning in a play-based environment following essential learning goals to prepare students for kindergarten and beyond.

5 Days

Per Week

The school day runs from 9:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m.


Student-Teacher Ratio

Each class has two teachers and fourteen children.

The Whole Child

Celebrating each child's unique qualities everyday

Allowing children to engage in areas that they find interesting

The Fours Team

Pictured from L to R: Angela Bearden, Lead Teacher; Mitzi Hovre, Assistant Teacher

Pictured from L to R: Elizabeth Fehr, Lead Teacher, Sara Arnold, Assistant Teacher

Pictured from L to R: Catherine Weiss, Lead Teacher; Katherine Allen, Assistant Teacher


Years of Combined Experience

Program Highlight

Grinch Day in the Fours program is always a fun and silly day that the children adore! Everyone wears green or any outfit that resembles the Whos from Whoville, including silly hair or headbands. This is a very green day that includes a fun Grinch art project and a special green treat.  Even the glue magically becomes green on Grinch Day!